Use House Work Time as Thinking Time

cleaning the houseWhen we do the cleaning around the house, it is easy to get frustrated and hate it every second it takes. But I believe that doing the house work isn’t all that bad. It is all in how you view the situation.

Think about this for a minute: when do you usually do the house work? The answer to this is probably when there are no kids to look after. So it is probably usually quiet time……

That’s right I said it: QUIET time! Amazing isnt it? I bet you hadn’t really thought about it that way.

And what is quiet time perfect for? Its perfect for thinking, not necessarily about a certain problem – but just letting your mind wander. Let your mind go from thought to thought, thinking about whatever pops up.

I usually find that the cleaning feels like it takes much less time this way, and it doesnt really feel like a chore at all.


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