Succulents – An Easy Garden

Some of us do not have a lot of time to spare to plant fancy gardens that take a lot of work to get up and going. Even planting some plants in pots can be a lot of work, and cost you valuable time with the kids.

Well I recently read an article on Essential Home and Garden about how to care for succulents that made me seriously co7bd165dc26655ae8be386dbdadb7a6f71687cd5bnsider investing in some Succulents!

They thrive in conditions that some other plants struggle in, and they need very little water to survive and grow. I enjoy gardening these days, but I still prefer to do other things instead. So gardening is more of a secondary hobby for me. Gardens that take very little setup and even less maintenance are perfect!

As a kid I remember my mother putting breaking aloe vera leaves and putting them on my sunburn – so I have a history with them….but I guess I just forgot about them till now!

They can also look very beautiful if they are looked after properly, their colors are amazing and the shapes they grow in are almost hypnotic.

Succulents can be very easy to grow from a stem or even broken off leaves. Which makes expanding your succulent garden even easier and cheaper than ever.

A few of the more important tips that I took from the article were:

  1. Do not over water your succulents – if you water them too much the stems will rot and the plants will dry. You should let the soil dry out completely before the next watering
  2. Make sure the soil is well drained – for the reason stated above
  3. While succulents love sun light, make sure they are not in a location that is too hot or they will get burned. Examples of too hot locations would be inside a window that gets a lot of direct, hot sun.

You can get succulents from anywhere that sells plants really – they are so popular these days that they can often even be picked up off a supermarket shelf or on Amazon!

After doing a bit of research I think I will be purchasing some Paddle Plants, Tree aeonium and Donkeys tail.

So make sure you check out the article mentioned at the start of this blog and be sure to check out some succulents for yourself! Everyone likes an easy garden right?



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